Terms & Conditions

 however Terms & Conditions

  • Shows consist of two parts, an indoor segment and an outdoor segment which is subject to weather conditions.
  • In case of cloud cover, your guide will call a “raincheck” and a 30% discount will be applied retroactively. 
  • Show goers must accept that it is impossible to guarantee full clarity, ideal skies, or visibility of certain objects. Shows operate in a coastal environment where the weather can change rapidly.
  • Photos (without flash) may be taken during shows. These images may be made publicly available for marketing purposes. Please make known to your guide if you would like to be excluded from these pictures.

Cancellation Policy

  • If your booking is cancelled more than 7 days prior to your show time, you will be reimbursed the full show fee.
  • If your booking is cancelled less than 7 days prior to your show’s departure, we cannot issue a refund, we can however offer a voucher to be redeemed on any future show.

  • Refunds can take up to 10 working days to be processed.